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Short Bio

I rejoined the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis(CASA) at UCL in Jan 2021 as Associate Professor in Urban Analytics. Prior to this, I was Lecturer in Spatial Analysis, working in the Geocomputation team at King’s College London (2016-2020) and Research Associate at CASA (2014-2016). From 2011 to 2014, I was a Research Assistant and PhD student at the Future Cities Laboratory in Singapore at ETH Zurich Centre. 

I am trained as a GIS engineer, obtained B.Engineering (2008), and MEng (2010) from Wuhan University, China, and a PhD from Architecture Department, ETH Zurich (2014).

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Research Interests 

My research interests include spatial data mining, spatiotemporal visualisation, complex network analysis, and the use of such analytical techniques for urban and transport planning. In particular, her current research agenda focuses on urban mobility with research strengths developed in three aspects:

(i)         The use of emerging big data (e.g. smart card data, social media data) and advanced spatial data science methods.

(ii)        Addressing broad transport related issues, i.e. metro induced gentrification, urban health service, environment impact through internal and external collaborations.

(iii)        Using ‘i’ and ‘ii’ in the context of mega-city regions as urban case studies recently in China and other cities in the Global South.



2021 ‒ 2026  ERC Starting Grant, realTRIPS: Redefining Variability: Evaluating Land Use and Transport Impacts on Urban Mobility Patterns, PI.

2019 ‒ 2022   JPI Urban Europe and the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), The Pilot Call Sustainable and Liveable Cities and Urban Areas. SEMITRI – SustaInable Mobility and Equality in mega-ciTy RegIons: patterns, mechanisms and governance. Co-I

2019 ‒ 2022  ESRC Collaborative (CASE) Studentships, Improving efficiency and equity of ambulance services through advanced demand modelling. PI and Project supervisor

2017 ‒ 2019  Tsinghua University Open Fund, Data-informed evaluation method for urban planning: a comparative study of Shenzhen. PI

2015 ‒ 2017  FAPESP-ESRC research project, RESOLUTION – REsilient Systems for Land Use TransportaTION.  Research Associate

2014 ‒ 2016 ERC Advanced Grant, MECHANICITY – Morphology, Energy and Climate Change in the City. Research Associate  


PhD topics

I would welcome expressions of interest from potential PhD students in any of the following subject areas (but not limited to):

 • Urban mobility pattern analysis using automatic data 

• Spatial AI applied to human mobility data

• Urban spatial structure, especially polycentricity

• Accessibility analysis and spatial interaction model 

• Socio-spatial impact of transport and land use planning

• Big data informed transport and land use planning methods & tools


Full Publications: Google scholar    ORCID

Follow me on LinkedIn  and  Twitter @Cecile_zhong

Write to me: c.zhong@ucl.ac.uk


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